Toycycle Shipping

In our dream world, shipping would cost next to nothing and we’d be able to offer it to you for free because shipping is a big deal for everyone. But in reality, shipping costs are expensive for a small business.

One of the reasons we started this marketplace was to enable families to bundle purchases of clothing, toys, and gear, thus reducing the amount of shipping on these items. Bundling turns out to be less expensive for you, for us, and for the planet.

Giant box stores and online mega retailers get huge discounts on shipping rates from the major carriers. But small to medium-size businesses generally get only a modest commercial discount. You might be surprised to know that we subsidize shipping on 50-60% of the orders we ship.

Our hope is that you'll experience significant savings on both your purchases and shipping costs when you load your cart with multiple Toycycle finds and avoid the per-product shipping policies of other resale marketplaces.

Here's how our shipping rates work

First, the weight of your cart determines your shipping cost.

Our flat rates range from:

Β $4.99 for small orders under 1 lb

$6.99-$8.99 for medium-sized orders, approx. 2-9 lbs
(depending on dimensions)

$10.99 - $22.99 for larger and heavier orders

Up to $34.99 for oversized and heavy orders or those that
require 2 large boxes

Most orders ship via UPS or USPS and arrive 2-5 days after
processing. Tracking information is provided via email.