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Where to Sell Baby Stuff

From big gear items like strollers and car seats to smaller things like toys and clothing, kids accumulate a lot of stuff in a short period of time. And they don’t use much of anything for more than a few months to a year. With all that stuff outgrown so quickly, you can find yourself facing a real challenge. Where to sell baby stuff and kid gear? You can give some of it away to friends and relatives. Or to local charities. But let’s face it: most of that baby gear was expensive.  And like many other families, you’d probably like to recoup some of that hard-earned cash.

If this sounds like you, welcome to modern parenthood. But not to worry – as parents today, we have some great options for saving on the mountains of gear our kids require in the early years. Unlike our parents, we can buy and sell second-hand baby gear in advanced resale marketplaces. That stroller that your child only used a handful of times and still looks new can fetch a great price when sold used. And the million-plus clothing items accumulating in baby’s room? You can bet your last dollar there are people looking to buy those as well.

Think Ahead If You Want to Sell Used Baby Items

The secret to recouping some of the cost of your baby gear is to plan ahead. When you are shopping for a new stroller or outfit, think about its resale value from the get-go. You need to buy something that is durable and of high quality so that it will still be in top shape after you’re finished with it. And investing in better brands will ensure you can get top dollar when selling your gear after use. A BabyBjorn Cradle will cost you quite a bit more than a lower-value brand, but you can also easily recoup about 50% of the cost when you are done with it. That shifts the budget calculation quite a bit.

Taking extra care of the things you buy, knowing they will be used by someone else is also wise. And of course, before you sell anything, ensure it’s in good working order and that all the parts and pieces are intact. It’s also important to ensure the item has not been recalled by the manufacturer.

So, what  are the best places to sell baby stuff after your baby is done with it?

Best Places to Sell Baby Stuff

Consignment Stores

If you’ve got a consignment shop in your area, going local is a great choice. You’ll be supporting local business and your local parent community. The average payout for most consignment shops is 40% of the sale price.  Since resale pricing is often between 30-50% of retail, you can easily calculate your potential earnings in advance.

If you don’t have a consignment shop nearby, there are plenty of online options where you can sell toys too. Toycycle offers a Cleanout Box service that allows you to request a prepaid label to ship them excellent condition baby gear, toys, and clothing for consignment. They have a Variable Payout Scale that pays more on higher-value items. ThredUp offers prepaid bags for high-quality clothing. They only accept things that look completely new, so anything that looks worn or second-hand will be turned down. Other online consignment stores or apps include Poshmark and Kidizen.

Local Marketplaces

If you don’t mind marketing and selling the items yourself, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist may be good choices, depending on the robustness of these platforms in your area. You simply take pictures of whatever you are selling and post them with a description and pricing. Prospective buyers can contact you directly, negotiate the price and make a plan for when and where to pick it up. If you aren’t comfortable having strangers come to your home, it’s fairly common to arrange a public meetup location. Since you are probably already on Facebook, join a few moms' groups and post your items there too.


eBay is one of the largest resale platforms online. They charge a small fee to post your items, but it’s the most viewed place on the internet so it may be worth it.
When pricing your items on eBay, consider the cost of postage and handling because it’s all up to you. Add eBay’s 10% cut, and then decide how much you want to sell for. Browse around for other like items to get an idea of how to price things. It’s also important to make your terms and conditions clear so customers can know what to expect.

Local Consignment Events

Do your research and find where the closest local baby and kid consignment event is being held. A simple google search will do the trick. These events are held two to three times a year in many locations. Each event will have its own rules and regulations, but generally, you’ll just take your well-cleaned items, priced in advance, and offer them up for sale. You’ll pay a percentage to the host of the event but can pocket the rest.

Local consignment events are great because the parents who attend them are looking to buy. As long as what you are selling looks good and the price is fair, you’ll be able to offload your stuff and earn a chunk of change for it.

Garage Sale

Have enough baby stuff to fill a garage sale? This is among the best ways to sell baby gear because you don’t have to go anywhere or pay anything, so you keep 100% of the sale. If you don’t have enough stuff, invite your neighbors to join in. It’s also wise to post signs, especially on a busy street nearby to get the word out. If your neighbors are participating, make sure to include that in your sign. A multi-family garage sale will be more enticing to prospective buyers.

Putting up a sandwich board, or flyer on a phone pole is one way to publicize your garage sale, but you can also use social channels if you belong to Nextdoor or Facebook groups. Some colorful balloons outside will draw the attention of passersby. Again, everything you sell at a garage sale should be in good working order and safe for kids. Take the time to present your gear so that it's easy to see and browse. That makes it easier for buyers and shows that you value the items, rather than just tossing them in a heap on the ground.

Smart Parenting

No matter how you sell toys or outgrown gear, the best way to save on baby and kid stuff is to shop second hand in the first place. Buy quality brands that are popular in resale markets. You’ll pay less than half of retail. Then when you’re done with it, you can sell baby stuff to recoup much of what you paid for it. That’s smart parenting!

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