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How to Price Toys and Baby Gear for Resale

One of the time-consuming tasks when selling used items is determining a price that prospective buyers will be willing to pay.
At Toycycle we use a formula for pricing the products we sell in our online consignment store. First, where possible we determine the retail price of the item when purchased new. If an item is not currently available, we look for like items to find comparable pricing.
Then we browse marketplaces and other kids' consignment or baby consignment stores to see what the same or similar items are selling for used and in what condition. Typically, if it makes sense, we price items in excellent condition at 45% off retail. New items in original packaging or with original tags are priced at 60-70% of retail. Items that are still in very good condition but have minor flaws are priced between 20-35% of retail. Items that are too damaged or worn to warrant even 20% of retail pricing are not accepted. These items can be donated to charity or returned when the consignor makes arrangements to pick them up from us.
All items in our online consignment store are subject to a markdown process if they don’t sell within the first 30 days. We continue to discount the price on these items over time until they sell.
Avoid the hassle of figuring out pricing and managing buyers on marketplace platforms. Consign with Toycycle today.
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