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Where to Buy Used Toys Online

From baby toys to electronic devices, keeping our children developing and entertained can be expensive. And kids often outgrow the toys we buy them after only a few months or years. And like many other families, you’d probably like to save some of your hard-earned cash rather than fritter it away on toys.

If this sounds like you, welcome to modern parenthood. But not to worry, we don’t have to deprive our kids to save money. As parents today, we have some great options for saving on toys throughout our kids’ early years.

For a start, you can buy used toys. Buying used is a sustainable choice - for the environment and for your family budget! 

Where to buy used toys online

You might be able to nab some great deals on used toys at a local thrift shop or flea market. And going local is a great choice. It’s generally convenient and you’re supporting local business. But if you don’t have local options, you can also look into where to buy used toys online. What’s great about online shopping for toys is the selection is vast. And you can have products shipped to your door. Here are a few of the best places to buy used toys online.


Toycycle is a resale marketplace for today’s parent that offers a wide selection of used toys, clothing, and baby gear. They list excellent-condition used toys consigned from parents across the US. They’ve also partnered with toy companies like PlanToys and Loog Guitars to offer open-box toys and products at great discounts.

The consigned toys are fully inspected and come with a satisfaction guarantee. Toycycle’s goal is to make shopping for used items like shopping for new – convenient and reliable. All their toys are listed in collections like Learning Toys or Building Toys so that you can easily browse entire categories of new and used toys. They also offer flat-rate shipping that can save you a bundle, and easy returns.

Shop Gently Used Toys

Local online marketplaces

If you like the idea of buying directly from the seller, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist may be good choices, depending on the robustness of these platforms in your area. With Facebook Marketplace, you can buy locally or from people who are willing to ship. The individual seller takes pictures of whatever they are selling and posts them with a description and pricing. As a prospective buyer, you can contact them directly, negotiate the price and make a plan for when and where to pick it up. If you aren’t comfortable going to the home of a stranger, it’s fairly common to arrange a public meetup location. If you are already on Facebook, join a few moms' groups and look for used toy bargains there too.

A word about quality. When you’re dealing with a lot of different sellers, you may discover that there are many different definitions of “good condition.” So be sure to thoroughly examine a product before purchasing it.


eBay is one of the largest resale platforms online. You can find literally millions of used toys and other items for sale on eBay’s platform. It can be a bit overwhelming, but if you’re looking for a vintage used toy or something very specific, odds are good you can find it on eBay. Try to be as detailed as possible with your search to narrow down the findings to those you’re likely to be most interested in.


OfferUp is another locally-focused online marketplace. Depending on your area, you may find a robust exchange of used toys and kid gear. There’s no cost to browse, just download the app and check it out. You may find some great deals not far from you.


Most people think of Etsy as an arts and crafts marketplace. Not everyone realizes that you can buy used toys and other used items on Etsy too.  Once on the platform, do a search for Second Hand Toys. You’ll find a selection of vintage toys plus newer options that tend to fit the Etsy ethos – unique, handmade, wood or other natural materials.


Poshmark is another online marketplace that is often thought of for used clothing items. But you can buy used toys on Poshmark as well. These are items you’ll buy direct from the seller who lists on the platform. The search feature is fairly robust, so it’s not too difficult to determine if they’ve got what you’re looking for.


Shop Open Box PlanToys


You’re probably already aware that Amazon also sells used toys. But if not, here’s how to find what you’re looking for. Search a toy that you are interested in. Then once you are on the product page, scroll down on the right side to find the New & Used listings link. When you click on that link, it pulls out a side bar with other sellers who offer the same toy in new or used condition. You can get more details or add the item to your cart from there.

Local shops with an online presence

Post pandemic, many local thrift and consignment shops have put their inventory online. If you know of a shop that’s a bit far to travel to, check to see if they are one of those that have created a digital presence. You may be able to take advantage of low cost shipping, or decide you’d like to make the trip to browse around in person. 

Finally, there are many new toy rental companies online today. If the idea of renting toys and returning them when you’re done appeals to you, do a quick google search for toy rental.

So there you have it! Dozens of ways to buy used toys online. The best part of buying used toys – aside from saving that hard-earned cash – is that you're practicing conscious consumption and shopping sustainably. That’s great for your wallet. And the earth.

Buy used toys online at Toycycle


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