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Trending Baby Gear with High Resale Value

Babies are expensive; there's no way around that. What makes it worse is how quickly babies outgrow things β€” toys, clothing, gear. Unless you are planning to have another baby in a year or two, keeping many of these things around is just not worth it. Large gear items are real space hogs. But buying trending gear in the first place is the best way to save because when selling baby and kid stuff, you'll more easily recoup your initial cost.

If you have tried to sell baby and kid stuff before, you know it doesn't always fetch a good price. Sometimes it seems like you are practically giving things away. Perhaps this is why so many parents still have their outgrown baby + kid stuff stashed in the garage or basement.

But what if there were a way to get more value from your baby + kid stuff?

Here's the secret - to save money all around, you must invest in trending baby gear with high resale value.

As you'll quickly learn, not all baby gear is the same. Some items just aren't worth much once they've been used. Others β€” and this depends almost entirely on the brand β€” have high resale value. This is because certain brands have created a high degree of confidence in their product quality. And for good reason. These brands sell products that are well made and built to last. They tend to be pricier new, and maintain that higher value used.

So instead of buying the economy brand stroller and having to just give it away when your baby outgrows it, think about purchasing a better quality stroller and recouping some of the cost when you're ready to sell it. Better yet, buy that better-brand stroller used at a large discount from new. Then sell it when it's no longer useful to you. This is a great money-saving strategy.

So, what brands have high resale value and can save you some bucks?

Trending Baby Gear with High Resale Value

Keekaroo Peanut Changer

The Keekaroo Peanut Changer is unlike any other changing pad out there and is a great addition to any nursery. It has a solid outer shell that makes it impermeable to liquids and easy to clean. Yet its cushiony form is comfortable for baby. It's received thousands of 5-star reviews online.

Because of its quality and durability, this changing pad maintains its resale value incredibly well. New, the Keekaroo Peanut Changer will run you at least $129.95. Amazingly, in resale marketplaces, you'll find this item priced at 60% of new retail. That's awesome resale value!

Name Brand Clothing

Clothes from better brands also retain their value in the resale world. Many better brands sell quality products using sustainable or organic fabrics. Even some of the mid-market brands, like Carter's, have their sustainable organic cotton label, Little Planet. Other brands, like Kickee Pants, use organically sourced bamboo to make super soft bamboo rayon or viscose. These items cost more new, but they also bring better prices when used.

Again, your strategy can be to buy clothes used and then sell them as soon as your baby outgrows them. Remember, no matter how adorable, baby is probably only going to wear that cosmonaut onesie for a month or two. And because you'll want multiples of everything β€” no one wants to do laundry every day β€” each item is likely to only get worn a few times. Even after the second owner, many clothing items will still be in great shape. And if it's a better brand, like Tea Collection, Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden, or Janie and Jack, it will still retain some value.

Dockatot Infant Lounger

An infant lounger like the Dockatot Infant Lounger is one of those things you might not think about when filling out your baby registry. But it comes in handy because you can do so many things with it. It's great for supervised lounging and playtime in the living room, quick diaper changes, and it supports tummy time and movement.

It's one of the many baby items that are only useful for a short period of time. But the upside is that a used Dockatot is almost always in great shape and has great resale value. A new Dockatot will run you about $150. But you can recoup about $80 of that when you sell it six months later. Keep in mind that your outgrown baby gear should be sold as soon as it's no longer of use to you. New versions of many items are being released, and the value of yours will decrease with time.

BabyBjourn Bouncer

The BabyBjourn Bouncer is a step above other brands. And it costs significantly more as well, about $199 online. But you'll love the hands-free time a bouncer offers. It supports baby's neck and head so they can see what's going on around them. And once your baby has outgrown Bouncer for 55-60% of new.

Lovevery Toys

When it comes to selling baby and kid stuff, it's hard to beat Lovevery for high resale value. The company has won several 'Best Baby Toy Brand' awards thanks to their developmentally appropriate play kits. The company has a Montessori-inspired subscription service where you get a box sent to your door every three months stocked with toys and books for your baby's exact age. As you can imagine, this service does not come cheap and you end up with a lot of toys at the end of the day. Luckily, Lovevery toy kits are in high demand, and you won't have any trouble selling them once your baby has outgrown them.

Tips to Resell Baby and Kid Stuff with High Resale Value

Buying baby gear with high resale value is good, but it won't help you if you don't know where and how to resell the items after your baby outgrows them. Luckily, we're pros at resale and can offer some simple tips.

  • Take good care of your gear. It isn't always possible, but do your best to take good care of your gear. Well-maintained items will have much better resale value. Giving your gear a scrub-up before selling will also bring a higher price for you.
  • Sell Immediately. The resale value of any item depends on how well you have maintained it. Luckily, babies don't use items for very long, so they should be in optimum condition after only six months or a year. Don't make the mistake of getting sentimental and holding on to baby gear you don't need anymore. The longer it sits in your house gathering dust, the lower its resale value gets. Sell every item the moment your child is done with it.
  • Find the right place to sell. Not every place that sells second-hand items will do. You need to find a consignment store or app that specializes in higher value, quality baby gear resale. Try focused markets like Poshmark, Kidizen, and Toycycle. Facebook is also a fantastic place to advertise and sell baby gear in your local community.

There you have it- the simple guide to acquiring and selling trending baby gear with high resale value. Buy items that are in high demand and maintain their resale value long term. It's all about the strategy.

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