Puzzle Me This

Puzzle Me This

With brightly colored shapes and varied themes, large-piece puzzles for kids are a favorite among toddlers and preschoolers.  They also offer an array of important developmental benefits that children can learn and practice as they play.

Children start developing fine motor skills around the age of one. Knob puzzles for kids are perfect practice for these grasping, holding, and placing skills. But a puzzle also teaches children about the concept of a 'whole' – that each piece is a fraction of the bigger picture. Puzzles help develop basic skills such as shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience, and a sense of achievement.

A puzzle allows a small child multiple opportunities to master and develop motor skills and at the same time become more aware of the world around them. All of this play prepares children for later learning in pre-and elementary school.

The better the fine motor skills a child has developed, for example, the easier writing will be for them. Because of the developmental benefits, puzzles for kids should be a part of a child’s daily routine.

Take one of our favorites, the BeginAgain City A-Z puzzle. Featuring easy to grasp wooden pieces, this city-themed puzzle is also a play set and is sure to put a smile on your little one's face.


The Good Night Good Night Construction Site is a matching game that helps children develop their matching and observation skills as well as enhance their social skills and strategic thinking. Match the vehicles in this busy construction site!


In our online kids’ thrift shop, we’ve stocked a great selection of gently-used puzzles for kids of all ages. They’re a perfect secondhand purchase. Give your wallet a break – and do the earth a favor too!


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