PlanToys Water Play set blue oval with water and play pieces and figures

PlanToys Sand and Water Play Sets: 2022 Toy Review

Since we moved to a house with a huge backyard, the kids have been playing outside a little more. This wasn’t a problem until they started taking their house toys outside and bringing them back in all muddy. As a solution, we found some amazing outdoor PlanToys play sets. These toys are beautiful to look at, durable, and you can leave them outside instead of tracking dirt into the house. Perfect solution!

Let's have a quick look at PlanToys as a brand because I am in awe.

About PlanToys

PlanToys is a multiple award-winning toy brand that was founded in 1981 in Thailand. The company only makes environmentally-friendly, natural wooden toys with zero toxic elements. As a champion of sustainable play, PlanToys puts your kid’s future and mother earth first. The company prioritizes sustainability in everything it does.

What Makes PlanToys sustainable?

PlanToys ensures sustainability in three ways: product, packaging, and manufacturing. 


All PlanToys products are made of natural and sustainable rubber wood. The rubber is derived from rubber plants that can no longer produce latex. PlanToys also invented Planwood, which is basically rubber wood sawdust that's collected during their daily toy production. In short, nothing goes to waste.
When crafting the toys, PlanToys uses non-formaldehyde glue for assembly. They also use non-toxic water-based dyes and pigments.

Packaging and Manufacturing

PlanToys created sustainable packaging using recycled and reusable paper plus biodegradable soy ink. Like the products, the packaging has zero plastic. The company is carbon neutral as well and uses solar power for most of its production. 

Are PlanToys Non-toxic?

Yes. All PlanToys are 100% non-toxic. They are made of natural rubber wood, which is kiln-dried. It is then finished with organic color pigment and water-based dyes. You don’t have to be afraid that your child will ingest any toxic material when they put these toys in their mouths. 

Best PlanToys Outdoor Play Sets

Our selection of outdoor toys from PlanToys includes sand and water play sets. Our kids use them all day without getting bored. We've also included a third outdoor toy because their friends come over to play too. 


PlanToys Sand Play Set

For those of us with no beach nearby, this PlanToys Sand Play Set is the next best thing. It comes with a bucket of sand and several diggers, which kids will use to play with the sand for hours. The diggers are inspired by sea animals, and two of them have holes to allow some water play.

Besides being extremely fun, sand encourages outdoor play and develops fine motor skills in children. It also helps develop their creativity and imagination because there are so many things you can do with sand. The toy set was extremely affordable and it gets a lot of use around here.

PlanToys Water Play Set

What is better than sand? Water. The water play set by PlanToys comes with one large rubber tray where you fill the water. Inside the tray are 1 sailing boat, 1 paddle boat, 3 fish, 1 rope, 2 humans, a log, a bush, and two trees.

This toy set is 100% about fostering your child's imagination. They can take the human figures and put them in the boats, lay them on the little island for some sunbathing, or they can even swim. The options are endless. It's a really great toy set, especially when you have more than one kid because they get to make things up together and have fun.

Fine Motor Skills

However, it also helps children from three years of age to develop fine motor skills and learn about water safety. The price of the water play set is not as low as the sand one, but it's worth every penny.
With the small garden we have in the back, it has become obvious that our kids want to participate in the growing and tending of vegetables and flowers. This PlanToys Gardening set makes a nice introduction to gardening because they are not ready for real tools yet.

The PlanToys play set comes with a flower pot, watering can, trowel, and garden fork. All of them are designed for little hands, and they seem safe enough for kids over 3 years. The kids can now take part in gardening without hurting themselves and also take care of their little flowers.

Besides, gardening encourages the kids' love for plants and also develops their motor skills, coordination, and imagination. Again, the price is quite affordable like all PlanToys products, and they are sustainably made.

Hierloom Quality

But you know what we love most about all our PlanToys play sets; they last a lifetime. According to PlanToys, each wooden toy should last about 40 years and then be recycled. This means your kids will enjoy the toys for years, pass them to the next generations and make lifetime memories with them. If you don't want to keep a toy that long though, you can always sell it as a second-hand item or give it to another family.

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