Loog Guitars for Kids: A Comprehensive Review for 2023

Loog Guitars for Kids: A Comprehensive Review for 2023

Kids generally like listening to music and dancing around. But did you know that playing a musical instrument enhances brain growth, social skills, language, and concentration ability? Yes! Musical instruments are a great addition to your child’s development.

So, when we got an opportunity to stock and review the world-class Loog guitars for kids, we were super excited. Loog designed their guitars to instill a love for music in kids and improve their learning abilities, confidence, and creativity. Have they succeeded? Read on for our comprehensive review of the Loog guitar and why you may well want to get your child a Loog guitar in 2023.

About Loog

Believe it or not, Loog Guitar began as a school project. In 2010, Loog's founder, Rafael Atijas, designed Loog as an academic project for his master's thesis. He later conceptualized the idea in 2011, launching the first Loog Guitar on Kickstarter.

Over the years, Loog has grossed millions, making Loog guitars the best-selling guitars to have launched on Kickstarter. But these impressive numbers aren’t all. Loog emphasizes the importance of well-designed, unique, sustainable, and child-friendly products. In fact, the company sources its wood from managed forests and adheres to government safety regulations.

What’s more, the company continues to make headway, featuring in transformative platforms like goop, Fatherly, Vogue, Wired, and NY Times Wirecutter. 

What Age Are Loog Guitars For?

Loog makes three different sizes of guitar, each in both acoustic and electric. The Loog Mini is a tiny 3-string guitar about 22 inches in length designed for kids three and up. The Loog Pro is also a 3-string guitar, but it’s bigger – about 29 inches – and is designed for kids 6 and up. The Loog Pro VI is a 6-string guitar, 33 inches in length, with a bigger body. It’s designed for kids 9 and up. For comparison, full-size guitars are around 40 inches.

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Reasons Why Loog Guitars for Kids Stand Out

Obviously, you can buy Loog guitars because they’re well-designed and colorful. However, there’s more to a Loog guitar that makes it special, including quality, playability, support, and sustainability.

1. Playability

Loog guitars were designed with playability in mind. And these guitars are very easy to learn on. The 3-string guitars have a thin neck, making them easy for kids to wrap their hands around to play. With full-size guitars it can be hard for kids to form chords. Most little hands have no trouble reaching the strings they need to play chords on the Loog Mini or Pro guitars.

What’s more, the strings are evenly spaced from the fretboard, allowing your little ones to pluck away for hours. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about the Loog Mini guitar body being too cumbersome because Loog guitars are small and lightweight enough to accommodate a child’s stature.

Loog touts the guitar’s playability as a great learning feature too. Loog designed the 3-string guitar to reduce chords to basic triads (three notes), allowing kids to learn faster. Usually, kids will develop the confidence to play actual songs on the Loog Mini or Pro guitar before transitioning to 6-string guitars.

2. Sound

Most guitars for kids are advertised as toys and sound like them too. But that’s not the case with Loog guitars. Instead, kids enjoy a quality guitar sound while learning to play songs from day one.

Even better, kids can choose from acoustic, electric, or the folksy feel of the ukulele. Overall, the kids’ guitars produce a commendable volume level and clarity. They might not cut it in a large performance hall, but they’ll sound great in your living room.

A unique feature of the Loog electric guitar is the built-in amp. Amazingly, Loog managed to put an amp inside their guitars without adding extra size or weight. There’s a small on/off switch and a couple of chrome adjustment knobs. The Loog electric guitars sound almost the same as conventional electrics. Plus, you can plug any Loog electric guitar into an external amp for even bigger sound. The classic Loog guitar silhouette, even with the added built-in amp, remains unchanged.

Also, if you're concerned about tuning, don't be. Loog designs kids' guitars that use the same tuning as 6-string guitars. Just follow GBE tuning and tune the guitar from low to high. Everything your child learns on a Loog can be applied on a 6-string guitar too.

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3. Build Quality

Loog guitars are made from real wood, meaning the guitar body is stable and durable. But the material doesn't affect its weight because Loog guitars are lightweight and perfectly built for a child's small stature. In addition, the guitars feature open-gear tuners at the top to stabilize tuning.

Generally, the finishing is phenomenal, and Loog offers customers various color options. For example, the Loog Mini Electric guitar comes in six beautiful colors; red, green, pink, yellow, black, and white. For 2023, Loog introduced the Natural finish for the Mini.

Finally, Loog has also designed useful accessories to accompany the kids' guitars, including kid-sized guitar straps, wall mounts, stands, gig bags, and amps.

Loog guitar for kids chord flash cards help kids learn chord triads on 3-string guitar

4. Learning Resources

Perhaps one of the best things about Loog is that they offer a wide range of learning resources to accompany their guitars. These include YouTube videos, game-like exercises, chord flashcards, and a comprehensive learning app. What's more, the Loog Guitar School offers beginner-level classes that will turn your child into a guitar-playing pro.

These lessons cover guitar basics and music fundamentals based on the 3-string guitar for kids. Your child will complete 34-on-demand lessons, starting at level one to level five. The course is typically for 4-year-olds and above, but you can enroll the younger ones for live online lessons. In fact, there's a class for parents as well, so you can learn alongside your little one.

5. Rave Reviews

As mentioned earlier, Loog guitars are Kickstarter's number one best-selling guitars. But that’s not all. The company continues to receive amazing reviews online, as parents commend various Loog guitars and accessories. Loog guitars currently prides itself on a 4.8/5 star rating with over 1,300 5-star reviews.

Are Loog Guitars Sustainable?

Yes, Loog guitars are sustainable. The company assembles wood from sustainably managed forests that meet or exceed government regulations. That means Loog ensures biodiversity maintenance, improving forest quality for a better environment.

What are the pros and cons of the Loog guitar?


  • Great starter guitar for kids
  • Comfortable fit for little hands
  • Acoustic strings are nylon, easy on little fingers
  • Lovely, real guitar sound
  • Beautiful design and construction, from sustainably forested wood
  • Bundled with an app and learning materials


  • There have been some reports of a strong lacquer smell when first opening the acoustic guitar box. The smell reportedly goes away after a few weeks once it’s fully cured.
  • Some customers report the strings on the mini guitar won’t stay in tune. We found the strings to require tuning for the first few plays, but then they were fine.
  • A bit pricier than other kids’ guitars

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Is Buying A Loog Guitar Worth It?

Our answer is a resounding yes. Loog guitars are a great investment for your kids, especially if you want to introduce them to music at a young age. You can start with the Loog Mini for 3-year-olds and graduate to Loog Pro and Loog Pro VI as your child grows. Remember, you can choose between acoustic and electric Loog guitars.

Also, you have access to a wide selection of free and paid learning resources. So you don't have to look elsewhere for guitar lessons or tuning support. In addition, Loog 3-string guitars help kids learn quickly and develop confidence in their musical abilities before transitioning to 6-string guitars.

Loog is currently the leading manufacturer of kids’ guitars and accessories. Therefore, whether you’re looking to kick start your child's music career or develop a talent, Loog guitars are a perfect choice.

And for 2023, Loog has partnered with Toycycle for resale of discounted open box guitars. Toycycle now offers all like-new open box Loog guitars and accessories at a steep discount. Each guitar comes with chord flash cards and access to the learning app. Plus, Toycycle offers the same product guarantee it provides with all other products sold in its marketplace. So don't hesitate; find your favorite guitar and join the Loog community for an exciting learning and interactive experience today.


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