13 Halloween Games Kids Can Play

13 Halloween Games Kids Can Play

From pumpkin carving to Halloween crafts and trick or treating, Halloween is jam-packed with activities. And while getting dressed up and Halloween candy are the main draw, kids also get excited by the many Halloween-themed family-friendly activities and games the holiday brings.

If you are looking for Halloween party games for kids, here are a few silly and spooky games that will make your October one to remember.

Pumpkin Decorating Awards

What embodies the spirit of Halloween more than pumpkin carving? Considered a Halloween staple, pumpkin carving is a must-have for any spooky festival. For this game, give your little ones some pumpkins and let them carve out whatever designs they want. After they make their jack-o-lanterns, you hold a decorating contest and award your favorite pumpkin a fantastic prize. You can make some fantastic ribbons to accompany your awards.

Mummy Bowling

Channel your inner mummy with this mummy-themed game. You will need

  • Some bowling pins
  • Toilet paper
  • Googly eyes

Simply wrap the bowling pins and bowling ball with the tissue and glue the googly eyes to create your bowling pin mummy set. Next, set them up and bowl away. To spruce things up, you can add more Halloween decorations, such as spider webs, robbins, and lights.

Find The Eyeballs

This easy, grossly fun Halloween kid's game aims to find the eyeballs hidden in the noodles. You will need the following:

  • About 2lbs of spaghetti, cooked and partly drained
  • Water
  • A large bucket
  • Toy eyeballs (12 or more)
  • A scarf (to blindfold the player)

Put the spaghetti into the tub and add in the eyeballs. Then blindfold your little one and time how fast they can find all the eyeballs. Add some water to make the spaghetti wetter and grosser to take things up a notch.

Pumpkin Golf

For this game, you will need

  • A carvable pumpkin
  • A knife
  • A toy golf set
  • You can also get some red felt and a flameless candle to spruce things up.

Carve out any spooky shape onto the pumpkin but ensure to widen the mouth as this acts as the golf hole. You can add the red felt to help younger kids easily get the golf balls into the pumpkin, but for older kids, you don't need it.

You can also carve several pumpkins and create a small mini golf course. Add in some flameless candles to light up the pumpkins for some night golf.

Halloween games kids can play - pumpkin tic tac toe

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

This is a super easy game, and all you need is a tic-tac-toe board and some small pumpkins or tangerines. With some masking tape, you can turn any surface into your board and create a 3x3 structure. Next, paint some Xs and Os onto 9 small pumpkins, and you are ready to go.

Ghost Marshmallows On String

For this game, you will need some marshmallows, food markers, and some string. Draw some ghost faces onto the marshmallows and hang them with the string from an elevated broom. Players must then try eating as many marshmallows as they can without using their hands.

Ghost Sack Race

This is similar to a potato sack race, except you use white pillowcases decorated as ghosts. You will need several white pillowcases, some black felt, and glue to make the ghost eyes and mouth.

Pumpkin Spoon Race

This is a Halloween take on the traditional egg and spoon race, except it's less messy. You will need some spoons and several small pumpkins. Toy pumpkins are a great alternative to use if you can't find small pumpkins. Simply set up a course and challenge your kids to balance their pumpkins as they make their way through the course.

A Halloween Scavenger Hunt

For this activity, you are creating a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt. Simply hide a variety of items all over your home, make a list and ask your kids to find them. You can add anything you want to the hunt and decide what the winner gets. For instance, you can award them with extra candy or a present of their choice.

Pumpkin Chuckin’

This game turns bean bag tossing into a fun spooky-themed activity. Start by carving out a face template onto the pumpkins and don't be afraid to make it spooky. Similar to the pumpkin golf course, make sure to carve out a large hole at the bottom of your pumpkin, as this serves as the goal. You can use several different-sized pumpkins and place them randomly or stack them up to increase the challenge factor. Use some skewers to secure the top pumpkins onto the bigger bottom ones. Then create a scoring system and let the games begin.

Poke A Pumpkin

Keep your little one entertained with this mystery game. You will need some plastic cups, orange or black tissue, and glue. Fill the cups with different treats and cover them with the tissue paper. You can arrange the cups on a table or glue them onto a board and have your kids poke a hole through to see what they get.

Candy Corn Witch Pitch

This is another take on the bean bag toss game where you try to toss candy corn into miniature cauldrons. You will need some plastic cups, glue, black paint, and some candy corn. Paint the cups black and make them look like miniature cauldrons, then glue them onto a board. Next, have your kids pick their candy corn and try to toss them into the cups.

Ghost Face Tower

This game is similar to bowling but with stacked cups rather than bowling pins. You will need white plastic cups, a ball, and a black marker. Draw some spooky eyes onto the cups and stack them onto each other to create a pyramid. Next, get your kids to knock down as many cups as they can with a small ball. The one with the most knocked-over cups wins. 


Halloween games for kids are a great way to spend some time together as a family. What's great about these games is they are easy to do, and you can DIY them at home. They are fun to play with your kids while indoors and can help boost their imagination and creativity.


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