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At TOYCYCLE, we sell gently used toys and baby items. Because it's good for your wallet and it's good for the earth. But there are other great choices for the eco-conscious family. Buying what we call Sustainability Stars from companies with a strong focus on sustainability is one of them.

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For this reason, at TOYCYCLE we also offer new and open-box products. These great non toxic baby toys and gear come from a handful of companies whose sustainability practices meet our high standards. Companies like PlanToys which produces earth-friendly wooden toys made from responsibly harvested rubberwood.  PlanToys also uses non-toxic glues and stains. These materials won't harm your precious child or the planet.

Unlike using plastic, which is harmful in many ways. Making most plastics requires fossil fuels which contribute to climate change.  Turning fossil fuels into plastic pollutes our waterways and is toxic to fish and marine life. Plastic pollution even works its way up the food chain and onto our dinner plates. 

So buying sustainable baby products made from materials like wood or bamboo doesn't just keep your baby safe - it helps protect our environment.

We wholeheartedly recommend these Sustainability Stars for parents who care about the world our children grow up in. 

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